Hire Pre-Screened Full Stack Developers From Top 12%

FS Hyre is a community of Full Stack Developers from across the world. We help companies hire Top 12% of the Best Full Stack Developers for their major projects

“If you hire good people, give them good jobs, and pay them good wages, generally something good is going to happen.”

Why choose FS Hyre ?

We understand quality candidates are tough to find. Our hiring solution takes care of most of the hard work for you and enables you to scale your tech team with Top 12%

End to End Recruitment Solution

We provide end to end recruitment solution which includes Finding Candidates, Pre-Screening , Technical Discussions , Live Coding Rounds, Full Stack Application Assessments and Hiring.

Less Effort & Time

With out solution, You no need to miss meetings ,No need for join late. Let us Hustle in your busy schedule.

Hire Best in Class Developers

With out curated Assessment designed by Top Industry Experts and professionals we can filter out the Best and Top 12 % of Candidates Easily

A Proof-of-Work Focused Assessment for Better Hiring

Designed by Experienced Engineers and Technology Experts

Round 1 : (65% Pass Rate)

Pre - Screening

We filter out the candidates in Pre-Screening round with Technical Questions designed by Working Professionals

Round 2: (30% Pass Rate)

FS Hyre' Test

Candidate has to take a special assessment test designed by Top Experts focusing on Realtime Application Development.

Round 3 : (12% Pass Rate)

Technical Discussion

One last Face to Face or Online Technical discussion to ensure candidate has the right set of skills and knowledge.

Round 4: (Hiring Decision)

Hiring Manager

All you need to do check Candidates Communication , Cultural Fit ,Attitude towards work and Take the Hiring Decision

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FS Hyre

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